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Getting started FAQs
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Where can I use Lopay?

Currently, Lopay is only available in the UK. You will therefore need a UK bank account to sign up and you can only take payments in £ (GBP).

Why is there a limit on my account?

Once you've completed identity verification and added your bank details, there is no limit on the payments you can take.

If your account is showing a £250 limit it means you still need to complete your registration by following the steps here. This limit is in place as we can't payout your funds until you've completed identity verification and added your bank details.

To find out more about your payouts please see our Payout FAQs here.

How do I sign in to an existing account?

Open the Lopay app and select 'Already have an account?' at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the email address you used to create an account and select 'Continue'

Open the magic link email from Lopay and select 'Tap to log in' in the main body of the email. The email will be sent to the email address you used to register for a Lopay account - if it doesn't show please check your junk folder.

What is a magic link email?

Once you have a Lopay account, if you log out of the app you will need to sign in via a magic link email.

The email will be sent to your registered email account and should arrive in your inbox within a couple of minutes, if it isn't showing please check your junk folder or select the 'resend' button in the Lopay app.

A magic link is a link that is securely created on Lopay - it is a single-use, unique alternative to signing in with a password. For security reasons, the magic link is only functional for 30 minutes.

Once you click on the lopay magic link you will be taken to the app and be logged in without needing a password.

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