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Creating your account

How to create a Lopay account

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Before you can start taking payments you'll need to download the Lopay app and create your account.

Creating a Lopay account

1. Download the Lopay app here

2. Once the app is downloaded, open the app and select Register near the bottom of the screen.

3. Enter your registration details.

4. To choose your account type, select the box under Account type and choose Business or Personal from the options.

Please note: If you choose a Business account, you must also enter your business name.

5. To change the country you or your business are in, select the box titled Country.

6. When you are happy the details are correct, you must accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy by tapping the box at the bottom of the screen.

7. When you have filled in all your details and agreed to the terms and conditions, please select Continue at the bottom of the screen.

8. You will then be sent a confirmation code by email.

Please Note: You may need to check your junk/spam folder.

9. Either copy the code shown on the screen or select Click to verify email to be taken back to the Lopay app where your code will be entered.

10. You'll then be prompted to select your payout schedule. This is automatically set to next day payments, but you can change it to instant or weekly.

Please note: Different payout schedules have different fees. You can change your payout schedule at any time once you've set up your account.

11. Once you are happy with the payout option you have chosen, select Complete at the bottom of the screen.

You have now created your Lopay account!

Please note: If you have a promo code please remember to add it within 24 hours of registering via the Your Rewards page in the app. For more details click here.

For any further questions or help, please email us at [email protected].

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