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How fast are instant payouts?

Instant payouts will typically arrive in your bank account in less than 5 minutes, regardless of whether it's a weekend or a bank holiday!

How do I trigger an instant payout?

If your balance is over £5, you can get an instant payout at any time by selecting 'Withdraw your money' on the Activity page (list icon at the bottom right of the app).

  • For instant payouts over £50, the fee is 1.79% for UK Visa and Mastercard payments and 2.79% for Amex, international and corporate card payments.

  • For instant payouts below £50, a payout fee will be applied to round up the fees to be equivalent to the fees on a £50 instant payout (in most instances this will be a matter of a few extra pence).

  • Your full balance will be paid out.

How do I change my threshold for instant payouts?

The default threshold for automatic instant payouts is £50 but you can edit this in your app to anything over £5. To do this please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the More page in the app (list icon at the bottom right of the app)

  2. Select 'Instant payout threshold'*

  3. Enter the amount you would like as your threshold - it can be anything over £5 - and select 'Done'

If your balance is below your instant payout threshold, it will automatically pay out either with the next transaction that takes your total over the threshold - or the next business day (typically around 10 am), whichever is sooner.

*Please note, 'Instant payout threshold' will only show in 'More' if your payment schedule is set to Instant payouts.

For more information on our payout schedules please click here.

To change your payout schedule at any time, please follow the steps here.

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