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Send team invites and manage permissions

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Once you've set up a Lopay account you can invite others to create team accounts and take payments on your behalf. To do this simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Lopay app and select Your Team near the bottom of the app homepage (circled below). If you cannot see Your Team, please update the Lopay app.

2. From here you'll be able to send invites to your team members

Please note that we charge an extra 0.1% for every transaction that is made by a team member in order to use this feature.

3. On the Send invite screen, add your team member's name, email address and set their permission levels by toggling on/off the following options:

  • Send payment link - If turned on, your team member will be able to create and send payment links to customers

  • View all team payment links - If turned on, your team member will be able to see payments links sent by other members of the team, both pending and completed payment links

  • Issue refunds - If turned on, your team member will be able to issue refunds for completed payment transactions

  • View all team transactions - If turned on, your team member will be able to view transactions of other team members

  • Full account management - If turned on, your team member will have full control of the merchant account and settings, which includes making changes to the business profile, bank account details, and payout schedule.

4. Once you have set the permissions press 'Send' at the bottom of the screen. An email will then be sent to the team member inviting them to download the Lopay app and sign in to their team member account.

Once they've done this a notification will show on your Lopay app and their name will show on Your Team landing page as shown below

If you require additional hardware for your team members such as card readers and printers, they can be ordered from the Lopay Store here.

Please ask team members to check their junk/spam folder if they do not receive the invitation email initially.

Changing Permissions

To change the permissions of a team member at any time, click on their name in the Your Team page and you'll see the range of permissions that you can toggle on/off.

In addition, you have the option to freeze, unfreeze and delete team members. After editing any of the permissions or team settings, please ensure that you click the Update button, to save the changes.

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