Taking payments via a card reader? Let your customers add a tip via the card reader too.

When you turn on tipping your customers will see the option to 'Add Tip?' on the card reader and then 4 options as shown below. You set the first 3 options via the lopay app (see below). 'Custom' is always present and enables the customer to enter any amount they choose.

To set or edit your tip options, follow the steps below:

1) Go to the Settings page in the app (cog icon in the bottom right-hand corner).

2) Select Tipping from within the settings menu.

3) Select Change (circled below) and then select from the options shown below.

You can select either Smart tipping (described here), Percentages, Fixed values or Disable - if you wish to turn off tipping completely.

4) Enter the values and/or percentages you wish to set and then select Save. Your tip options will update instantly, ready for your next transaction.

Taking payments via payment link? Let your customers add a tip via the payment links too!

Once you have clicked on your payment link it will redirect you to a secure website to complete the payment. To add a tip, please select "Add tip" as highligted below.

From here a window will pop up showing you the tip amount, please tap on the "£0.00" as highlighted in the screenshot on the left below. Once pressed, a keypad will then pop up for you to confirm the tip amount. Once you have done this please select "confirm" as highlighted in the screenshot on the right.

Your tip amount will then be visible before completing the transaction as seen below. Once you are happy with the tip amount please then select a payment method to complete your payment.

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