What is Tap on Phone?

With Tap on Phone, you can use your Android phone like a card reader and take contactless card payments with just your phone.

Getting more technical, it works by using near field communication (NFC) in your phone to process a payment so not all phones enable it. Further details are below.

Please note:

  • Chip & PIN payments are not possible. Payments that exceed a customer's contactless limit (typically £100 but it be less) will require a PIN number and therefore will not be possible via Tap on Phone.

  • It is not possible to connect to a Card Reader at the same time as taking Tap on Phone payments. With Tap on Phone the app effectively connects to your phone instead of the card reader.

How do I set up Tap on Phone?

To get set up, please follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure that Bluetooth and NFC are enabled on your phone, you have an internet connection, and the latest version of the lopay app

  2. Enable Tap on Phone in the lopay app by either:

    1. Selecting 'Set up now' on the Tap on Phone banner on the home screen; Or

    2. Going to 'Your devices' then 'Set up a reader' and selecting 'Your phone' (instead of 'card reader')

Tap on Phone works like a card reader so you can't be connected to your card reader at the same time. If using both, you can switch between them on the ‘Your devices’ page in the lopay app: simply 'disconnect' or 'connect' on this page as required.

When 'connected' to 'Your phone' you will see 'Tap on Phone' as an option when you enter an amount and press 'Charge'.

Will it work on my phone?

Tap on Phone is currently only available on Android phones as it is not yet supported by Apple in the UK. We will be looking to enable it as soon as it is possible but is only supported on android phones at the moment.

The models below are all supported but this is not an exhaustive list - to check if your phone supports Tap to Pay, please go into your phone's settings and search for NFC. If there are NFC settings present it means your phone has NFC capabilities.

Please find below a comprehensive list of supported devices.

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