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Adding items to your cart

How to add products to your cart in Lopay

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Adding items to your cart.

The cart in Lopay has several useful features that allow users to make purchases quickly, safely, and with ease. When you select a product to sell to a customer in the shop, this gets added to your cart before payment is taken.

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to add and remove items from your cart. To skip ahead, you can use the fast track links below to get straight to the answers you need:

Adding a product to your cart

1. To create a cart, please open the Lopay app, and select 'Shop' at the bottom of the screen.

Lopay Home Screen dashboard

2. Here you will see the items in your shop. To add a single item, simply tap the one you want to add.

Lopay point of sale shop featuring a library of products

3. You will now see the item appears in the cart on the left-hand of the screen and the option to charge for this item appears.

Lopay shop showcasing the cart with 1 item in the top left of the screen

You can repeat this process to add more items to the cart.

Please note: You will need to take additional steps if you are adding a product without a price or with variants. Please see below for how to add products of this nature to the cart.

Adding a product with variants to your cart

If you have added variants to a product for example different sizes or flavours, you can select the relevant option when adding it to your cart.

1. To do this, go to your shop as normal and select the item you wish to add, if you have previously added variants you will see 'multiple variants' under the product name.

Lopay shop featuring a library of products

2. When you click the product, the variant options will appear, tap the relevant one and it will be added to the cart.

Selecting a product variant

3. You can repeat this to add more products with variants or single products as normal

Not sure how to create product variants? See this article for more help

Adding a product with no price to your cart

1.If you have products in your shop without a price, you will be asked to add one when adding them to your cart. To do this, please first select the product.

Lopay shop featuring a library of products

2. Once you have selected it, a keypad will appear to enter the price. Please type in the price you want to charge for that item and then press 'done'

Add a price to a product. In this example, a BLT sandwich

Changing the quantity of an item in your cart

If you want to sell more than one of the same item in a cart you can repeat the process above or you can go into the cart and change the quantity there. This may be quicker if you want to sell large amounts of one item.

1. To do this, once you have created your cart, select the trolly icon in the top left-hand corner

Cart icon in the top left of the Lopay shop

2. Then select the item you wish to change the quantity for.

Cart featuring list of products ready for sale

3. You will then see the product information, please select the box under 'Quantity'

Edit product details from product screen. In this example, a Latte

4. A keypad will then appear and you can type in the number you want to add.

Keypad present at the bottom of the product screen. In this example, a Latte

5. Once you have done this please select 'update'

Update button present at the bottom of the product screen. In this example, a Latte

You will now see this has updated your cart total

Cart with updated product quantity. In this example, updated the Latte from 1 item to 6 items

Want to remove products from your cart? See this article for more help.

For any further questions or help, please contact us.

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