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Get free payment processing when you purchase offers via Lopay

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With Lopay, you keep more of what you earn and you get rewarded when you spend!

We've partnered with up with the brands you love so now there are more ways than ever to get free payment processing.

What are Lopay Offers?

Lopay has partnered up with the brands you love to help you get your payment fees to zero! Every time you buy an offer through Lopay, you'll get free payment processing - that's no fees on your next transactions. Offers will change over time, so please see in app for the latest deals.

Where can I see the Offers available?

Offers are located within the 'My Savings' page of your Lopay app.

Tap the 'My Savings' blue tile on your Home Screen, or gold star at the top of your Lopay app, to access your 'My Savings' page. Scroll down and tap 'See more' next to 'More ways to save' to see the full list of offers currently available.

What are One-Time Offers?

With One-Time Offers, you earn no fees on transactions when you switch providers. For example, this could be switching energy suppliers for personal or business use. As such they can only be used once.

How can I purchase an Offer?

All Offers are purchased within the app. Simply select the offer you are interested in and follow the steps in the app. Click the link below for a step-by-step guides:

How do I claim the associated no fee transactions?

We make claiming your no fee transactions simple and stress-free.

With Vouchers, you'll be given your no fee transactions immediately upon purchase of a voucher. Your reward will appear as a pop-up on your screen. Simply tap "Claim now" and "OK" to add the reward to your no fee allowance.

With a One-Time Offer, we'll notify you as soon as we have confirmation from the provider that your switch has been successful. Due to cooling off periods, it can take up to 3 months before we receive confirmation from the provider. Once notified, you can claim your no fee transactions.

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