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What is Lopay Teams?

Lopay Teams means you can invite others to take payments on your behalf.

In summary, you can:

  1. Invite team members and remove them whenever you want

  2. Easily set or change their permissions at any point

  3. Quickly see reports for each team member

For guidance on how to set up your team, click here.

When you set up a team, your team members simply need to accept your invite and download the Lopay app. They won't need to provide identity details or bank details. For more info on what your team members will need to do, click here.

How many team members can I have?

You can invite up to 5 team members completely free of charge.

Managing a larger team? For £19.99 per month you can invite as many employees as you like to your account, manage their permissions, and track their takings. You can pause or stop your subscription at any time.

What permissions can I give team members?

You can enable your employees to do any of the following and you can change their access at any time:

  • Send payment link - If on, your team member will be able to create and send payment links to customers

  • View all team payment links - If on, your team member will be able to see payments links sent by other members of the team, both pending and completed payment links

  • Issue refunds - If on, your team member will be able to issue refunds for the completed payment transactions they have taken

  • View all team transactions - If on, your team member will be able to view transactions of other team members

  • Full account management - If on, your team member will have full control of the merchant account and settings, which includes making changes to the business profile, bank account details, and payout schedule.

How can I see the transactions of one team member?

From the Activity page in the app (fourth icon in the bottom menu) select 'View all' beside 'Recent Transactions'.

You can then filter transactions for a specific team member by selecting the people icon in the top right corner and then selecting the team member.

You can also download these transactions by then selecting the download icon, entering a time period, and selecting Confirm. You will then be able to choose from Excel, CSV or PDF and send the selected file to yourself or your accountant via email.

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