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iOS Users from v2.1.0 - Check out the latest updates.

What is a Point of Sale (POS)?

If you have a small shop, café, or a few products you’re selling in person, then lopay’s Point Of Sale (POS) is for you. With our POS, you can:

  • Add and track the products you have in stock

  • Combine multiple products for a quick and easy checkout

  • Take payments for a cart via cash, card or a combination of both

  • See your sales reports and all the breakdowns you need

**Currently our POS is in Beta. This means it’s new and we're asking for your feedback to help refine and improve it. All comments and ideas are welcome, just drop us a message via the chat icon in the app.**

How does it work?

Take a look at the videos & step-by-step guides below. If there's anything else, get in touch via the chat icon in the app.

Building products

How to build your first product

Creating a simple product is really easy, there's no requirement to include lots of detail but you can if you want. In the video, we did the following:

  1. Tap on the Your Product tile from the Home screen

  2. Tap Create a product

  3. Enter a name

  4. Tap on the Category select (not required)

  5. Create or select existing categories

  6. Tap Done

  7. Add an image for identification (not required)

  8. Tap and add a Cost price - this is for reporting (not required)

  9. Tap and add a Sales price - this is for building carts (if you do not add it, the app will ask later)

  10. Tap on the Taxes select (not required)

  11. Select required taxes

  12. Tap Done

  13. Tap Save

  14. You're done

How to build your first set of options

After creating a simple product you can look at more advanced product setups with variants. In the video, we did the following:

  1. Tap on the Your Product tile from the Home screen

  2. Tap Create a product

  3. Enter a name

  4. Tap on the Category select (not required)

  5. Create or select existing categories

  6. Tap Done

  7. Add an image for identification (not required)

  8. Skip everything down to taxes

  9. Tap on the Taxes select (not required)

  10. Scroll to options and select Add

  11. Tap Create a new set

  12. Enter a name (eg Drink Size)

  13. Enter the options you want in the set (eg Small, Medium, Large)

  14. Once complete Tap Save

  15. Repeat the process if you need to add others (eg Flavours, Shoe size)

  16. Once done Tap Next - You will be presented with variants based on your selection

  17. Select all that you require for your product

  18. Once done Tap Next - these will be added to your product

  19. Tap Save to complete

How to manage your first set of variants

At the end of the previous video, you will notice that prices were added to the variants. Tapping on each variant will allow you to add:

  1. Stock

  2. SKU

  3. Barcode

  4. Sales Price

  5. Cost Price

Managing your grid

How to move things around

Your control which products show where on your grid so that it works for you. Simply drag and drop products to move them around:

  1. Tap and hold on to any product in your grid

  2. Drag to where you want to place it

  3. Drop and you're done

Searching for a product

Finding a particular product is easy; you can either type it into the search bar or filter your list of products to narrow it down:

  • Search for a product - type the name into the search bar at the top of the page

  • Sort your list by A to Z or Chronological - tapping on/off the AZ button

  • Filter by categories - Tap on the Filter button and select the categories you what to see

Managing a cart

How to create a cart

From your product grid or list, you can tap on products to add them to the cart.

There are a couple of conditions during this to be aware of:

  • If your product has no variants and no sales price - you will be asked for a price.

  • If your product has variants - you will be asked which variant you want.

  • If your selected variant has no price - you will be asked for a price.

Otherwise, you will see the amazing animation straight into the cart!

How to edit items in the cart

There are no restrictions on your products. If you want to change the price of an item in the cart or even just the total, it is possible. Need to add or remove taxes? You can do this too.

Editing is easy. Tap on the cart item you want to change, edit as required and Save.

Don't forget if you just want to remove an item, select it and Remove from cart.

How to take payments for the cart

Taking payments for a cart is the simple way you are used to with lopay. Click Charge, select the payment type and then wait for the payment confirmation screen. Once the payment has been completed the cart will empty.

Viewing Sales and Reports

Transactions and Sales

Your past sales are in the transactions tab - the fourth icon in the bottom menu that looks like this:

  1. Select the transactions tab

  2. Tap on POS Sales

  3. Select a sale - you will be presented with the information from that sale

You can also select a transaction and see an associated Sale if there is one.

Report summaries, also available via the transactions tab, will provide you with daily, weekly or monthly summaries. Breakdowns of gross, cost, margin and net.

You will be able to see the individual sales for the period and drill all the way down to the individual payment if you needed to make a refund.


Our product is in continual growth and will periodically change with feedback and insights from our users. Please keep an eye out for app updates and let us know what you think. Your feedback matters and together we'll make payments better :)

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