Connect your Lopay account to Xero Invoicing to take advantage of our payment processing rates when your customers pay their invoices.

Connect to your Xero in 2 easy steps:

Step 1 of 2: Connect to Xero

In the Lopay app, select the Settings tab, then "Connect Xero". This will ask you to sign into and connect your Xero account.

Step 2 of 2: Setup your "Custom URL" in Xero

After connecting your Xero account, copy the Custom URL shown in the purple box, as shown below. Following these Xero instructions on where to add this Custom URL to your Xero account.

You're now set up!

After adding your custom URL to Xero, you can now use Lopay to accept payments for your Xero invoices. You will need to remember to select Lopay as the Online payment method when creating your Xero invoice:

What's next?

Set up Lopay as your default payment provider for Invoicing by following these instructions.

When a customer pays for their invoice, the payment will appear on your Xero invoice automatically.

You can see Lopay invoice payments in your Lopay app. If you wish to refund a payment, please do so from within the Lopay app.

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