Lopay Rewards

How to earn rewards by using Lopay.

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What are Lopay Rewards?

Lopay Rewards are our way of giving you something back when you use the Lopay app.

Lopay Rewards refers to fee-free transactions we add to your account. So your Lopay Rewards balance is the amount you can transact without us adding our fees.

From successfully setting up your account to referring friends to Lopay, you can accumulate Lopay Rewards, meaning you keep more of the money you earn.

Frequently Asked

What is fee-free payment processing?

Fee-free processing refers to payments taken with Lopay that don't incur our usual transaction fees.

When you earn Lopay Rewards, the fee-free allowance is applied to your account straight away, so the next time you take a payment, any available rewards will be applied to the transaction.

You don't need to use your rewards all at once. So if you have £25 of rewards and a customer only transacts £5, you'll still have £20 in rewards to claim on the next transaction.

Payment received

Payment fees applied

Fee-free balance before

Rewards applied

Fee-free balance after











How do I earn more Lopay Rewards?

You can earn rewards in a variety of different ways. These include:

We'll keep adding more ways to earn Lopay Rewards, so watch this space!

How do I claim my Lopay Rewards?

Every time you earn Lopay Rewards, you'll receive a notification in the app prompting you to claim the reward. Once you hit claim, your rewards balance will be updated.

Every time you take a payment your rewards balance will be used. In the rewards section of the app, you will be able to see a breakdown of activity including when rewards are applied to transactions.

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