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Get no fees on more payments with Lopay Rewards

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Lopay Rewards are our way of giving you a little something back when you use the Lopay app. Put simply, the more Lopay Rewards you earn, the more payments you can take via Lopay with ZERO fees!

What are Lopay Rewards?

Lopay Rewards are fee-free transactions. So your Lopay Rewards balance is the amount of payments you can take without our standard transaction fees.

You don't need to use your rewards all at once. So if you have £25 of rewards and a customer only transacts £5, you'll still have £20 in rewards to claim on the next transaction.

There are no limits to how many payments you can take with zero fees.

Where can I track my Lopay Rewards?

  1. Tap the blue tile featuring the star icon on your Home Screen. The text on this screen will change depending on if you already have no fees on transactions, or if there are new ways to save.

2. Scroll down the page to discover the current ways you can earn no fees on transactions. Check back regularly to discover more.

How can I earn Lopay Rewards?

You can earn rewards in a variety of different ways, these include:

  • Completing setup

  • Refering a friend to Lopay

  • Early milestones

  • One-time offers

  • Vouchers

  • Spending via your Expense & Reward Card

Completing setup

When you complete setup of your Lopay account, you can earn no fees on your first £25 of transactions through Lopay. If you've been referred by a friend to Lopay, you can get no fees on a further £1,000 of transactions once you have completed setup.

Refering a friend

You can earn no fees on £1,000 of transactions for you and a friend when you refer a friend to Lopay. From within the 'My Savings' screen, simply tap 'Send invites' to send an invite to a friend.

Please note: You won't be able to immediately send an invite - this will appear on the 'My Savings' screen after you have been using Lopay for a while. Anyone you invite to join Lopay will need to transact £1000 via Lopay before you get your Lopay Rewards.

Early milestones

When you give feedback on the setup process, take your 10th payments and give feedback after a month of using Lopay, we'll reward you will no fees on £250 of transactions.

One-time Offers

You will find one-time offers listed at the top of the 'Rewards offers' screen. Tapping on an offer will bring up further details and a button where you can switch to that provider.

Please note: This link is tracked so that we can verify the switch was successful.


Under 'More offers' you can view our selection of offers that you can purchase from multiple times. The offers are time limited, but you can make multiple selections before the offer expires. Tapping on the offer and then selecting the amount you would like the purchase, will provide you with the number of no fee transactions you can earn with this purchase.

Spending via your Expense & Reward Card

Every time you spend via your card, you earn free payment processing. On our Standard account, you get 50% back in free payment processing. In other words, for every £100 you spend via your card you’ll get no fees on the next £50 of payments you take!

If you see the star symbol at the top of your app, you have unclaimed rewards! Click the star to claim your rewards and reduce your transaction fees even further!

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