How to send a payment link
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To send a payment link to a customer via email, text, WhatsApp etc, please follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Open the Lopay app and go to Take a payment. Enter the relevant payment amount and press Charge.

Step 2:

Select Send a link from the menu of options.

Step 3:

Add a description so the customer knows what they are being charged for, then press Done.

Step 4:

Select a sending method such as SMS, email or social media. You could also copy and paste the link into an invoice if required.

Your customer will need to click the link you send them to see the payment page and complete the payment on their phone. Once the payment has been made you'll receive a notification in the app and it will show in your Transaction Activity (4th icon at the bottom) and under 'Completed' if you select the 'Payment Links' tile on the app home page.

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