Accept tips via your card reader

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Our card readers allow customers to add tips and you control the options that are displayed.

To turn on and adjust tipping, please ensure you have the latest version of the app. To do this, go to the App Store or Google Play Store, go to the Lopay app and click update.

  • Go to the More page in the app (list icon) and select Tipping.

  • You can then choose from Smart Tipping (explained below), Percentages, or Fixed values and edit the 3 pre-set options you'd like your customers to see.

  • They can also select 'Custom' on the card reader and enter any amount they choose.

For more details click here.

What's Smart Tipping?

With our Smart Tipping feature you don't have to choose between percentages and fixed values - you can decide, based on the size of the transaction, which you would like to appear.

For example, you can set the tip options to be 10%, 12.5% and 15% for transactions over £12 and automatically show £1, £2 and £3 for transactions under £12.

This helps merchants maximise tips.

Please note:

  • For Android users, if there are issues with the card reader not syncing correctly with the tip settings, please force quit and restart the Lopay app. To do this press your phone multitask button and "swipe" the app away, then re-open the app.

  • Merchants are responsible for distributing tips received through Lopay to team members as relevant. Tips received will be shown in your revenue reports.

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