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How to order a Card Reader
How to order a Card Reader

A step-by-step guide to ordering a Lopay Card Reader

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When you sign up to Lopay, we'll give you your first Card Reader for just £24 plus P&P. Any additional Card Readers will cost £49 plus P&P and can be ordered here. Follow the instructions below to order your first card reader at half price.

Please note: Before you can order a Card Reader you must have completed identity verification in the Lopay app. Like all financial services, we use identity verification to keep our community safe and this is a mandatory step in registration.

If you see this message on your Home screen, tap 'Order my reader.'

If this message is not on your Home screen, you can also select My Devices on the home screen, then 'Order my reader.'

When you see this message, tap 'Claim now.'

Add your payment details and confirm your delivery address to complete the order.

Once you have completed your order you will see this confirmation.

Please note: Your card reader should arrive within 5 business days. Please contact support if there are any issues with your delivery.

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