When you receive your lopay card reader, you need to link it to your lopay account.

Warning! Do not use mobile device settings to pair your reader. Pairing the reader through device settings makes the reader unavailable to the app. If you have, please select "forget this device" and follow the steps below instead.

Watch our short video here to see this in action or follow the steps below. Please note, that the reader may need to update when you first connect it - this can take up to 10mins, please plug your reader into charge to help the update complete.

Step 1:

Tap the Your Devices tile on the home page of the Lopay app, then select Setup a reader

Step 2:

Now turn your card reader on. The name of the card reader "WisePad 3" will then appear - select this to proceed. Android users will also see a Bluetooth pairing request - please, select Pair.

Step 3:

Once connected, go to Take a payment on the app home page, enter the relevant payment amount and press 'Charge'. Select Send to reader from the menu of options. If you frequently take payments via the card reader, Send to reader will automatically replace Charge to make sending a payment one step rather than two (more info here).

If you are having trouble connecting your card reader, please see the articles below or get in touch with Support via the chat icon in the app:

For more general information, please click here for our card reader FAQs.

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