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Card reader connection troubleshooting - iOS devices
Card reader connection troubleshooting - iOS devices
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Please ensure you have the latest version of the app (find Lopay in the App Store here and select 'update') and then check the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Turn off WIFI (and use mobile data) or ensure that your WIFI connection is strong. Please avoid public WIFI where the connection may not be reliable.

  2. Remove any caching (bad data) by unpairing and then reconnecting:

    1. In the Lopay app, select 'Your Devices', then any connected devices showing and select 'Forget'

    2. Go to your phone settings -> Bluetooth -> Select any card readers (starting 'WPC...') and select 'Forget device'

    3. Turn the card reader on and open the Lopay app, select 'Your Devices' -> Setup a reader -> Select 'Wisepad 3' when it shows to reconnect

  3. Ensure your phone Bluetooth is turned on in your phone Control Centre. To check this, swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen and ensure the Bluetooth icon is blue (as circled in the screenshot below).

  4. Ensure the Lopay app has the necessary permissions. To do this go to your phone Settings > Lopay and ensure Bluetooth, Mobile Data, and Location are all turned on (see screenshot below)

  5. Ensure your iPhone is fully updated - a minimum of iOS 12.5.1 is required for the card reader.

  6. Restart the reader with the card reader discovery page open in the app:

    1. Turn off the reader

    2. Open Lopay

    3. Select 'Your Devices' on the home page then tap on 'set up a reader'

    4. Turn on the reader

  7. Restart the Lopay app:

    1. Swipe up from the bottom of your phone for multi-tasking.

    2. Swipe the app away

    3. Re-open the app

Please note, force closing the app by swiping up will always disconnect your card reader. Please avoid closing the app in this way if you are taking payments regularly.

Card Reader Firmware Updates:

If you're experiencing a card reader update, please ensure your card reader is charging and keep the app open to ensure the update can complete.

These updates are pushed by the card reader manufacturer and are automatic.

They typically take 5-10 minutes to complete.

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