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Connecting a printer for paper receipts
Connecting a printer for paper receipts

How to connect and use supported printers

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We currently support the following receipt printers. If you already have one of these printers please follow the steps below to connect it to your Lopay app. If you need to purchase a printer please go to our Store here.

  • Star SM-L200 Portable BLE printer

  • Star SM-L300 Portable BLE printer

  • Star mC-Print3 desktop Bluetooth printer

  • Star mPop compact receipt printer

Connecting your printer

If using Lopay on an iOS device:

1) Go to the app Home page and select the 'Your Devices' tile

2) Select 'Setup a printer/cash drawer'

3) Ensure your printer is turned on, then select your printer's name when it shows in the app

4) The printer will show a green tick once connected (see the video at the bottom of this page)

If using Lopay on an Android device:

Connect the printer via the Bluetooth settings on your device. When asked for a pairing key, enter 1234.

Printing a receipt

Immediately after a transaction:

When a payment completes you will immediately see a green 'payment received' screen in the app. At the bottom of this is the option to 'Send a receipt'. Select this button and choose the option to 'Print'.

You can also select the option 'Auto print receipts' under Receipt setup on the 'More' page. This will mean a paper receipt is printed automatically when a transaction completes if your printer is connected.

From the Transaction Activity page:

1) Select the Activity icon in the menu at the bottom.

2) Locate the transaction required

3) Select 'see all' next to Recent transactions and then select the transaction required

4) Select 'Send a receipt' below the transaction details and choose the option to 'Print'

Editing the information on your receipts

To edit the information shown on your receipts please go to the 'More' page in the app and select Receipt set up. You can then edit your business name and address or remove your address altogether.

For more details on connecting your printer or sending a receipt, please take a look at the video below, or get in touch with Support via the in-app chat icon.

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