Do I get charged for a lopay card reader?
Your first card reader is completely free* if you transact £2,500 with lopay in 6 months.

If you don't reach this threshold, after 6 months from the date you ordered the card reader, we'll ask you to pay £49+VAT or arrange for a return.

To purchase additional card readers please click here.

* £6.95 Postage & Packaging applies

What type of card reader is offered?

Our WisePad 3 card reader accepts chip & PIN, contactless card payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. It does not support swiping (magstripe). If connecting to an iPhone or iPad, you need iOS 12.5.1 or higher. Further details are available here.

Please note, the card reader must always be connected to your lopay app to receive a payment and you can only connect one card reader at any one time.

How do I order a card reader?

You can order your card reader through the app once you've completed identity verification - click here for our guide to ordering. Please allow 5 business days for your card reader to arrive. You can find an estimated delivery date and check the status of your parcel within the app.

Please note, our card readers are supplied by Stripe - they're sent directly from Stripe and the invoice included is a shipping invoice only.

Trouble connecting your card reader?

Please click here for our guide to setting up your card reader. If you are having trouble connecting your card reader please see our troubleshooting Q&A here.

The card reader may need to update when you first connect it - this can take up to 10mins, please plug your reader in to charge to help the update to complete. 

Do I have to have a lopay card reader?

Card readers are just one way for your customers to pay. With lopay you can also:

- generate a QR code on your smart device for a customer to scan and pay.

- send a payment link to a customer via text, email or whatsapp.

- order a payment sticker (a permanent QR code) to attach to a table, counter, bay etc for a customer to scan and pay.

For more info on the ways to take payments with lopay please click here.

Can I change delivery address or cancel an order?

You can cancel your order or change delivery address if it hasn't already been dispatched. Please contact our support team via the chat icon in the app.

What happens if my card reader is damaged?

If you happen to damage or receive a damaged card reader, please get in touch with our support team and we will send out return shipping labels and replace the card reader for free.

For anything else, please get in touch via the chat icon in the app, email [email protected] or call +44 (0)20 4571 4796.

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